7 Tips to Choosing a Nifty Brand or Domain Name

If you’re trying to establish an online presence, you need a domain name that resonates with your audience. That name should stand out and leave a lasting impression, a good one. Not just any name will do. To choose the best domain name that’s appropriate for your brand, here are some tips to mull over.

How to Choose a Brand or Domain Name

  1. Make it Easy to Spell and Say

Do you get uneasy when you make efforts to spell your domain name or register it? The odds are, it won’t sit well with your audience, either. A suitable business name should be easily spelled or pronounced. Do not use an entire sentence for your brand name. No one has time searching for that.

  1. Resist the Urge to Use Numbers and Special Characters

Numbers and special characters will have your audience feeling flummoxed. Don’t put them through that conundrum. Your customers won’t be sure whether to search using the number or word.

If adding a hyphen is the only way to make a domain available, move on to choosing something else.

  1. Make Your Brand Name Memorable

Branding is all about leaving impressions. Your audience should be able to remember your brand name and associate it with something decent.

In some cultures, words are ambiguous. Resist choosing a brand name that is a play on word. This could have a negative effect on your brand as the chosen name might have negative connotations.

Find a good name that people will want to call and feel good about it when they do.

  1. Use Targeted Keywords

You can use a targeted keyword in your domain, especially if you’ll be servicing a geographical location. This, however, will limit your business if you decide to expand the boundaries of your operation.

Using a keyword in your brand is not absolute. It will not automatically get you paying customers, you’ll have to work for that.

  1. Don’t Violate Another Proprietor’s Trademark

Proprietors are trademarking anything they can put their hands on. Ensure you’re not caught in a lawsuit. Do your due diligence by checking with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to determine if the name you’ve chosen is legally unavailable.

  1. Is your Brand Name Original or Copied?

This tip has a bearing on the foregoing. Some brands aren’t trademarked, but that doesn’t mean you should use it. You could be sending your customers to your competitors, simply because a hyphen is the only thing that separates your business from theirs. Get creative and choose your own brand name.

  1. Choose a Name That You’ll Grow With

Don’t be that business owner who rebrands every year. Choose a brand name you won’t get tired of or easily grow out of. Rebranding is analogous to starting over. This will require resources and time. Save precious time by choosing an appropriate name, to begin with.

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