Recently Developed Domain Sale:

In the domain brokerage and sales business, there is no feeling more satisfying than seeing a domain you once owned be developed into a successful website. While all businesses want to get the highest possible price for their product, in domain sales there is a great degree of validation when you see a domain built into something more. After all, domains are much better when they are actually used and not just sitting in someone’s portfolio as a speculative investment or potential future project.

One of our recently sold names,, which was sold to Zenchain is the latest example of this. We have seen significant demand in crypto domains, and this strong two word keyword rich domain is a cut above most the rest. A relatively low priced domain, the Monitor Chain brand happened to fit the exact use case and brand strategy of Zenchain’s latest product, and as such was a match made in heaven. Even the logo is still in used. Currently in alpha, MonitorChain will be a blockchain monitoring and security tool. You can see the site is already coming together nicely. With such a strong name, we fully expect it to be a major success.

If you have recently purchased a domain through Brandstead we would love to hear your feedback on how you are liking the domain and logo so far and will happily consider featuring your new site in this blog and our social media. Happy domain hunting to everyone, and we hope you all find the perfect name for your next great business idea.

*Article posted with permission of the buyer

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